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Introducing ReRooting

Hello hello!

A warm welcome and thank you so much for being here. I’m so excited to introduce you to ReRooting.

ReRooting is an interdisciplinary platform exploring the stories, ideas, conversations, knowledge, and community-building that can help us move from systems of extraction to systems of nourishment in the face of the climate crisis. This project seeks to revitalize our human roots in nature, culture, and self. ReRooting sparked from my own learning and immersion in climate justice and ancestral teachings like Ayurveda, regeneration, and reciprocity. I’ve been so energized by the wisdom of the phenomenal thinkers in these fields, and as I continue to learn, I hope to do my part to share the stoke. After all, energy and community are the keys to building a better future.

I believe to my core that humans can be positive, generative, balancing forces on this earth. So why waste time being anything but? When we extract and exploit from ourselves, from each other, and from non-human nature, we’re throwing away our incredible potential for good. Over the last year, learning ideas of reciprocity instead of extraction, nourishment instead of exploitation, and abundance instead of scarcity, has ignited electricity in my very bones. This project is my attempt to further the flow of current, between you and me, between us and our communities, and on and on and on.

ReRooting isn’t about reducing your consumption or shrinking your individual carbon footprint; ReRooting is for the thinking that teaches us to expand our impact in big, bold, beautiful, and reciprocal ways. To balance take with give. To harness the circular rhythms and co-evolutions that characterize survival. We’re here on this earth and let’s make that a good thing. I hope that the essays, poems, photos, songs, films, and more that you find in this space will help you — as they’ve helped me — find your role in the movement to shape humankind’s future on our planet. More than anything, I hope ReRooting will bring you energy and community on our collective road to socioecological thriving.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.


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